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Consider This... Show city leaders that we can follow the rules

It doesn't take a scientist to figure out the region is in the worst drought in history. Just look at the water levels in Lake Meredith.

Now that our main water source has dried up, city leaders are asking us to make major sacrifices. Among the changes come summer will be one-day-a-week lawn watering and no driveway car washes, hopefully just until other water sources come on-line. I'm told that will be around August.

Another idea to save water was to close all public swimming pools. You may recall I spoke out against that a few weeks ago.

Consider This:

Last week, in a surprise vote, city council members decided to keep the pools open. And this week, I commend them for it.

We know times are tough, and I encourage everyone to follow the new watering rules. But closing city pools was just too extreme. Taking that summer activity away, at least for some kids, is just a bad idea.

City leaders listened to the citizens and did the right thing. Now it's our turn to do our part. Officials can make all the rules they want, but if no one follows them, it's pointless.

So make sure you know what the watering rules are come April 1st and please follow them. Let's show city leaders that when they listen to us, we can return the favor.

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