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Kevin Glasheen cleared of professional misconduct

Kevin Glasheen Kevin Glasheen

Lubbock attorney Kevin Glasheen is off the hook, after being cleared of professional misconduct. 

Glasheen is well known for helping wrongly-convicted individuals receive compensation. However, two of his clients said he over-charged them. The case went to trial this week, and on Thursday, a judge ruled that Glasheen did nothing wrong.

The Timothy Cole case was one of Glasheen's highest profile cases. Cole, who was wrongly convicted of a 1985 rape at Texas Tech University, died in prison before he was exonerated. Glasheen represented Cole's family and helped them receive compensation. Since then, Glasheen has represented 12 other clients who were wrongfully convicted like Cole.

"Sometimes a case comes along, like these wrongful conviction cases, where you think, as a lawyer - 'Hey, I can do something to help these guys,'" Glasheen said.

However, two of those clients were unhappy, and Glasheen was accused of professional misconduct. Glasheen says he is thankful that a judge ruled in his favor.

"I am relieved. It's great to have that cloud over you removed," Glasheen said.

Glasheen says he had several opportunities to settle his case and admit fault, but he refused. He says Timothy Cole was his inspiration.

"I thought about Tim, who turned down probation when he was on trial for rape, and then could have gotten parole if he had just admitted he was guilty, but he wouldn't. I thought, if Tim Cole could serve 16 years in prison and die there, I could afford the risk of being publicly embarrassed," Glasheen said.

Glasheen says he now has plans to move forward and take on more cases.

KCBD NewsChannel 11 attempted to contact the men who filed the suit against Glasheen, but our calls were not returned.

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