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HealthWise at 5 From 3.8

  • Salt and Stomach Cancer

Recent health reports have warned us to reduce our salt intake. Now, a new study indicates too much salt may make us more susceptible to stomach cancer. Researchers in Japan found a connection between high salt diets and stomach cancer. Men who had the saltiest diets had double the risk of Gastric Cancer. And, your salt shaker isn't the only source of sodium. Pickled, smoked and other precessed foods are all salty.

  • Homegrown Bypass

Research is just underway for a drug that may help heart bypass patients grow their own healthy blood vessels and avoid open heart surgery. Cardiologists at Penn State Hershey Medical Center are participating in a trial of an experimental drug called Human Fibroblast Growth Factor-1, or FGF-1. The drug is injected into the heart muscle, and is expected to promote the growth of new blood vessels. For more information, ( click here ).

  • Soak and Seal

Winter can do a number on your hands, leaving skin dry and irritated. Compound that with repeated hand washing and your skin is crying, "Enough!" But, folks at National Jewish Medical and Research Center have a skin-hydrating recipe: "Soak and Seal." A 15-minute soak in warm water gives skin time to absorb much-needed moisture. Then, lightly dry your hands and immediately seal your re-hydrated skin with an ointment or cream-based moisturizer.

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