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Stay Alert and Awake While on the Road

Texas Tech students are getting ready to pack up their cars and hit the road. "Some students can't wait to hop in the car and hit the road as soon as they're done but a lot of times they haven't gotten adequate sleep." Texas Tech Health Educator Juli Benson says you need to get a good night's sleep before any road trip.

You also need to drive at a time when your natural body clock is energized. Benson says, "We all have different energy levels at different times so if they're a morning person, travel in the morning, if they're a night person, travel at night." Benson also suggests taking a passenger that will stay awake and keep you alert throughout the drive.

The National Sleep Foundation suggests you look at a map and schedule regular stops, every 100 miles or every two hours. Here are some popular travel destinations from Lubbock.

  • Dallas is 346 miles from Lubbock, so that's 3 breaks.
  • San Antonio is 4 breaks.
  • Houston is 6 breaks.
  • You need to take 7 breaks to the popular spring break destination South Padre
  • If you're headed to New Mexico, it's 2 breaks to Ruidoso.

If you find yourself falling asleep at any time, pull over and take a 20 minute power nap. Benson says, banking on caffeine to keep you awake is not a safety solution. "Caffeine usually takes at least 30 minutes to kinda enter the blood stream and make a difference."

Fortunately for Texas Tech students, there is a network of parents looking out for their safety on the road. The Road Raiders, members of the Texas Tech Association of Parents, are on standby in their home cities to help out any student. Trudy Putteet is Director of Parent Relations. She says, "Any student who needs help can call anyone of those parents, anyone of those numbers and say I'm a tech student and I need some help for whatever reason."

Tech students can pick up a copy of the road raiders, a list of 2,500 names and numbers listed by city. As you can see there is a contingency of road raiders in almost every Texas city and there are several in other states like New Mexico, Oklahoma California and even Washington D.C. Putteet says, "I think parents like to feel that they're assisting students so I don't think students should hesitate at all to pick up the phone and know there's a very friendly voice ready to help in any way. They don't have to wait until theres an emergency. They can say you know I'm getting a little drowsy, can I get a cup of coffee with you and they might be surprised to find a place to stay for the night."

Texas Tech students can pick up a copy of the Road Raiders list at the Texas Tech Association of Parents in room 224 at West Hall or they can ( click here ).

Parents interested in becoming Road Raiders, need to call the Association of Parents at (806) 742-3630 or toll free at 1-888-888-7409. For more information on drowsy driving, ( click here ).

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