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Reviewing the March 9th Ballot

Lubbock voters are going to the polls Tuesday, but not everyone will be voting for the same candidates. It all depends on whether you're a Democrat or Republican and where you live.

Lubbock County has many different ballots. Voter Registration Chief Deputy Dorothy Kenedy says all you'll do once you walk in is say 'Republican or Democrat'. "It's the one time the judges will ask you to vote. You'll answer them Democrat or Republican," said Kenedy.

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Some Republicans will have a choice between four county commissioner candidates. Some will only have one choice, and others won't have a choice. It all depends on the precinct you live.

Same thing with the Democratic County Commissioner race. However, the Democratic ticket has more contested races where every Democrat will vote. For instance, the Presidential Democratic nominee and two referendums that are on the ballot.

One referendum deals with doing away with social security programs. The second one deals with increasing local property taxes to support President Bush's mandates, like the No Child Left Behind act. These referendums are only on the Democratic ticket. Democratic party chairwoman Irma Guerrero says it's because state Democratic leaders want to know where other democrats stand on these issues. "They want to get a feel of how Democrat voters are feeling and if they're opt to change or if they want things to stay the same," said Guerrero.

Don't worry, judges are responsible for handing you the correct ballot. Polls open up at 7 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. To find where you need to vote, ( click here ) or call (806) 775-1339.

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