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Consider This...Gas prices, environmental regulations, and you

I heard this week gas prices are higher than ever for a February. and that's an indication they will be higher than ever this summer. and so on…

And we've all heard the convoluted explanation about why Iran is to blame. Maybe so, but we, as American consumers, have no control over Iran.

We do, however, control who we put in office.

Consider this:

Our elected officials control our ability to drill for our own oil, and don't let anyone tell you there isn't plenty of it right here in America.

Studies say there's enough oil in the U.S. to power the nation for centuries. We just have to go get it. The problem is, politicians have given in to environmental groups and over-regulated the industry.

We need politicians that will refuse to let Americans be held hostage in their own country by people in the middle east.

Until then, we can expect gas prices to continue to rise, to the point where our grandkids will be spending more on getting to work than their jobs actually pay.

So if you want do something, find out what your candidate's position is on foreign oil. Vote for the one that realizes solar, wind, ethanol, and other alternatives can never make up the difference.

Vote for the one who can stand up to environmentalists that care more about the Earth than the people that live on it.

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