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Low Voter Turnout on Election Day

With low early voting numbers, candidates were hoping voters would turn up on Tuesday in big numbers, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

It was a slow day at the polls all over town. We hit a number of polling locations on election day, and it was the same situation all across town, the main traffic we saw were some candidates out waiting to shake hands and thank voters.

"Everything that we've heard today is that things are really slow. We've had judges call in and they've talked about that their slow and nothings really going on. Also a couple of the people from the different parties has gone out to inspect the different polling places for their site and they said it was extremely slow too," said Voter Registration Chief Deputy Dorothy Kenedy.

Kenedy says her crew is ready. She showed us how the ballots will be tabulated with a stack of test ballots, and says the low voter turnout is a shame. "It's just sad. I think it's really sad because it takes a lot of money to pull an election off because there are still certain things that are required by the State and by the Federal government."

We did however find some voters today, who don't miss the opportunity. "You vote because you need to get the people that want you in there to run the city."

"There are actually a lot of things that I am concerned about on the local level and on the national level and it's my civic duty to come out and be a part of the election process and get my vote out there."

"I just want to be sure we get good qualified candidates in office, we need a good voter turnout."

Now remember you have to vote in the place designated by your precinct, all of those places are listed (here) on our website.

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