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Bill McCay's Winning Combination

"Hey there!," quipped Bill McCay. With a freshly starched blue shirt, thick grey mustache, neatly pleated khakis, and black cowboy boots, there was no mistaking the man outside Honey Elementary. "Yes, this is Bill McCay," he boomed into his cell phone.

Wrangling last minute votes, "I was just calling to remind you all to vote today," he said. Even preparing for the County Commissioner race in 2015. "How are you today?," he smiled to a 7-year-old. That's the year today's first graders will be able to vote. "Hi, I'm Bill McCay, will you vote for me?," he smiled.

First time out, already a pro. "There's no second chances huh?," asked one voter. "No," he responded. Hip to the lingo of voter body language, a smile and a glance and your golden, the flip side? "No eye contact at all which means, 'Leave me alone, I'm not voting for you," he chuckled.

But few of those Tuesday, mostly just few voters. Hence, the cell phone, and the hundreds of calls. "How's your cell phone?," asked NewsChannel 11. "I charge it every time I get to the pickup," he laughed.

If hard work and a big smile mean anything, Bill McCay will be skipping all the way to November. "Thanks for coming out to vote!," he beamed.

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