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Lubbock ISD middle schools considering school uniforms


A few middle schools in the Lubbock Independent School District are considering a standardized dress code. 

According to a letter sent out from the Lubbock Independent School District on February 1, 2012, the district set up 3 different meetings with parents this month, to hear their thoughts on possible school uniforms.

Atkins Middle School was one of the schools that sent letters out to parents, and is currently discussing the matter with the district.

According to LISD officials, the standardized dress code being contemplated would give students the option to wear a variety of colors and styles of shirts, skirts and pants.

Becky Pavon, who has had children and now grandchildren attend LISD schools, says she is concerned about the additional costs involved when it comes to buying a new wardrobe.

Although specifics of the exact uniform have not yet been given, she points out "for some of them it's like $40 for the pants alone and some people can't afford that they make minimum wage and can barely get to work."

Talkington School for Young Women Leaders Principal, Berta Fogerson says, their school has a special donation policy, and so if families cannot afford uniforms, she says the school has a supply readily available.

"We have a uniform closet as kids outgrow their uniforms transfer out, or graduate, they have the chance to donate," says Fogerson.

Cost is not the only factor. 

Pavon is worried about kids not having the freedom to express themselves.

Pavon describes her granddaughter as "Punky Brewster."  

"She likes to wear what she likes to wear to school and she's a straight a student and I think she deserves to express herself and I think she's going to be an artist," Pavon said.

However, Fogerson says there is proof that uniforms provide less of a distraction for students.

"We give kids a free dress day as part of an incentive for exceptional work that they've done", said Fogerson.  "It is very obvious that the culture changes there are not as much structure and there is not as much focus on those days than what you wear on a day when everyone is in their uniform."

 Dunbar College Preparatory Academy implemented the dress code this year.

LISD officials would not release which schools are currently considering making the change.

If implemented, the standardized dress code would go into effect next school year.


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