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Diesel prices may affect you more than you think


If you are experiencing pain at the pump every time you fill up, just be thankful you aren't a truck driver. Diesel prices in Texas range from $3.58 to $4.42 a gallon and are expected to keep rising.

However, just because you don't fill up with diesel, doesn't mean you won't be affected. Almost every consumer good will see some kind of price increase, because of the astronomical amount of money companies have to spend on fuel.  

According to a local travel agent, one year ago, you could fly from Lubbock to New York City for around $438, if you purchased your ticket two weeks ahead of time. Currently it will take you almost $100 more to see the Big Apple.

Airlines aren't the only ones having to spike up their prices. Last year, UPS spent over four billion dollars on fuel costs alone, that's up over a billion dollars from the previous year. In February of 2011, UPS charged a six percent fuel surcharge on every package shipped ground in the United States. Currently, the surcharge is at 7.5 percent and they expect it to climb even more.

Some truck drivers spend up to $700 dollars a day on fuel. Trucker Justin Shoonover has been on the open road for about nine years. He says this is the worst it's been since he's been driving and that it's going to affect everyone.

"We pay more, they pay us more and they have to charge more. So it just goes up the ladder. It's one of them deals that you kind of have to endure because without a truck, you wouldn't get most everything we get," Shoonover said.

Historically, gas prices climb in the spring and summer months and taper off in the fall.

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