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Visiting baseball team claims food poisoning from Lubbock restaurant

Northern Illinois Head Coach, Ed Mathey Northern Illinois Head Coach, Ed Mathey

Seven baseball players from Northern Illinois were hospitalized at University Medical Center Friday night.

Due to their illness, they did not play in Saturday's game against Texas Tech.

Northern Illinois Head Coach, Ed Mathey says he believes his players got sick after eating at Carino's off Slide Road.

"We tracked their meals through the airport and through travel," Mathey said, "and the only common denominator was the meal we had and it seemed to be tied into guys having fish related dishes."

KCBD News Channel 11 requested the past four inspections the Lubbock Health Department conducted at Carino's.

Last January's inspection required a follow up for non critical violations.

Lubbock's Health Department Spokesman, Stuart Walker, says they are not planning on inspecting Carino's since a complaint was not filed. Walker says the Health Department needs confirmation from doctors that the athletes did indeed have food poisoning.

Although Northern Illinois Athletic Trainer, Ben Kastler, confirmed that doctors ruled it as food poisoning, only blood samples were taken. Walkers say that stool samples are needed to determine if a food borne illness was the cause.

KCBS News Channel 11 reached out to Carino's for a comment. Management said the alleged complaint was being taken up with corporate and they did not have a comment as of Monday.

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