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The TV Guardian: Does It Work?

"You see, that's some new spiritual baloney" "You see, that's some new spiritual baloney"

"Don't you think that movies and programs or TV have a lot of foul language?" asked NewsChannel 11." "Definitely," said Jeff Griffith, Owner of RadioLab in Lubbock.

What if you could filter out the profanity and other offensive language? A product called the TV Guardian claims it can do that. It has a hefty price tag of $100. But Does It Work first?

We took this little black box to RadioLab Owner Jeff Griffith. "The way that it hooks up is through inputs from the cable box, satellite, VCR or DVD and outputs through a regular antenna connection," explained Jeff.

He hooked up the TV Guardian to a dual VCR and DVD player, so it was quick and simple. ON the box, we selected the 'Strict' filter on the guardian. That means it will mute ALL offensive language.

We popped in Bad Boys II, because I heard it's filled with tons of curse words. We watched the screen closely. Sure enough it was working. The Guardian muted out the whole sentence with the bad word and subtitled an alternative, less offensive sentence. In this example, the Guardian used the word "jerks," instead of something else.

In another example, the Guardian used the word "baloney" in place of a bad word. But, "You do have to be alert in catching it as far as reading subtitles," noticed Jeff. The subtitles popped up so quickly.

This is a product you have to get used to, because if there's a lot of profanity, then your movie will be muted quite frequently.

The Guardian worked well on the DVD, but how well would it work on a VHS? We tried and immediately was notified on our screen the Guardian would not be able to filter out the bad language. The Guardian doesn't work on all movies. That one I haven't quite figured out, but Jeff seems to think it's because of the movie's software.

The Guardian only works with scripted programs like movies, TV series, and TV movies. It doesn't work with live programming like news, sporting events, and talk shows.

So is it worth it? "It might be worth it for some families," said Jeff. I'll have to agree. The TV Guardian works!

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