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Texas Tech Tests Emergency Sirens

It's 10 a.m. A shrill siren breaks the monotony at Texas Tech University, forcing students to cover their ears for one minute. But what was that sound? Students give their thoughts. "I really didn't know. I thought it was an emergency warning like a bomb." Another student said, "It seemed it was almost like one of those terrorist kind of things." One simply said, "I didn't really know." Different answers all coming back to the same question. "Do you know what it was?

It turns out the siren was an emergency siren, used to alert students to a severe weather emergency. But this time, it was only a test. Texas Tech Police Major Richard Foster said, "Every year about this time with the advent of severe weather in the spring, we think its a benefit to the Texas Tech community and the city of Lubbock to test our early warning severe weather system and let people be aware there is a system in place."

Foster says he's surprised so many students were confused by the siren. "We put it in the Tech announce and put it in newspaper. Students need to pay attention to with severe weather season coming up.

A total of four sirens sound at Texas Tech when severe weather strikes.

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