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Lubbock County to Recount Ballots

Results from Tuesday's primary election are in but they are far from final. In fact, election officials will now recount every ballot cast in Lubbock County. The Department of Elections always verifies elections results before they are proclaimed final.

While they were going through that process on Wednesday, they found something that didn't add up. It appeared no one had voted in the Democratic Chair race for Precinct 8.  In actuality, a programming error had prevented all and any votes from being counted.

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Now, election officials are waiting for corrected computer software to re-count of all Lubbock County votes in every race.

Dorothy Kennedy, Lubbock County's Voter Registration Chief Deputy says she hopes to release the results of the recount by Friday. She says it will take time to prepare the machines before the new tabulation can be performed.

Election officials do not expect the recount to affect results in any of the races beyond the Precinct 8 race. They assure Lubbock County voters that all their votes will be counted.

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