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State audit reveals problems with financial aid at TTU


Texas Tech University is one of eleven Texas colleges who are not following federal rules that govern student aid money and how it's handled. That's according to a 225 page report by state auditors who say they found significant issues with the way financial aid was issued to students.

State auditors routinely check up on schools and for this report, they audited eleven. According to the report, Texas Tech University awarded the wrong amounts of financial aid to some of their students. When the audit looked into the 2010-2011 school year, it found that several Texas universities - including Texas Tech - didn't always award student financial aid correctly.

When it came to financial aid at Tech, auditors checked 60 students. Thirty of those were awarded wrong amounts of financial aid. To give some perspective - Texas A&M was also audited, and in the same category, only 3 of the 60 students checked received the wrong amount, which came out to only 5 percent.

The audit also looked into Pell Grants. It found 12 percent of those checked were awarded more than they were eligible to receive. The report says those mistakes happened because of manual errors. However, the report does say the university corrected the problems when auditors brought the mistakes to their attention.

Another issue in the report was the return of grants and loans, specifically, when it came to students who withdrew from school. It showed when students withdrew from classes, the university didn't do the proper paperwork within a 30-day deadline. Of the 30 students checked, 80 percent of them were done incorrectly.

KCBD NewsChannel 11 reached out to Texas Tech University for a response to the state auditor's report. The school released a statement from Jim Burkhalter, who is the Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management.

The statement says: "The results of the audit for Texas Tech were good, as we expected them to be. Any questions brought forth during the audit were answered and corrected in our management response to the state auditor's office."

For a look at the entire 225 page report by the state auditor, click here.

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