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Don't fall for the latest check scam


Across the South Plains people are receiving a letter that claims they've won $65,000 dollars, but it's all just an elaborate scam.

Tammy Turner of Lubbock found a letter like this in her mailbox, attached to a check for $2,800 dollars.

The letter claimed the check was for paying off all the taxes on her big winnings. It had all the markings of a legitimate check, but something wasn't right.

We did a little digging and found out the phone number of the company is actually from Canada, though it claimed to be from New Jersey.

Scammers are hoping someone will cash the check and then send the money for the alleged taxes to a foreign address.

By the time the check bounces, the cash is already in the hands of the scammer - leaving someone like Turner holding a $2,800 dollar bill.

"Be careful," Turner says, "don't try to put it in your bank account. You can cash it, but you'll be paying that money back. You won't get the money."

Luckily, Turner didn't fall for the scam.

If you feel like you've been a victim, contact your local bank or the authorities.

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