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Food for Thought Report 3.11

More than 50 city and county food establishments were checked out by city inspectors this week. Four of our seven restaurants are Low Performers, with a combined 30 critical violations. But there are three who reach perfection this time. Let's begin with those in this week's Food for Thought.

Kaleidoscoops at 4902 34th Street is super cool this time with a perfect score. That makes them a Food for Thought Top Performer.

Food for Thought 3.11
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 3/11/04.
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Swif Shop Deli inside the Rip Griffin at 4609 Avenue A also receives zero critical violations, putting them on the Top Performing list as well.

Subway at 701 North Dowden Road in Wolfforth also earns a perfect score, earning zero critical violations.

The first Low Performer this time is Burger King at 7006 University with four critical violations.

  • There was improper hot hold of a potentially hazardous food product, specifically grilled vegetables.
  • There was cross contamination potential due to personal items, specifically a coat hanging on a shelf, next to fryer racks, and improper storage of a bacon container directly on lettuce.
  • Toxic items were not properly stored. Spray bottles were stored directly above packaged condiments and sanitizer was stored with food contact surfaces.
  • Food contact surfaces were not clean. Food equipment on a drying rack was still soiled with dirt and lettuce and an ice container was not maintained, and stored on the floor.

The Manager at Burger King told NewsChannel 11 everything has been corrected. The report shows that all violations were corrected on site.

Next it's Subway at 2515 82nd Street with five critical violations.

  • There was inadequate hand washing. An employee did not wash hands prior to putting on gloves.
  • A hand sink was being used for purposes other than hand washing. JalapeƱos were found in the sink.
  • Molded onions were found with other onions.
  • Several spray bottles with unknown chemicals in them were found unlabeled.
  • Food contact surfaces were not being washed every four hours, specifically the dispensing utensils on the line.

A representative from the Subway offices sent us this statement in regard to their report, "One jalapeƱo slice was found in our hand sink--corrected on site. We purchase our vegetables in bulk quantity and separate out any items not conforming to high standards. This item was placed in a basket on the floor of our walk in along with one other unacceptable onion. One bottle of window cleaning agent was not properly labeled--corrected on site. Contact surfaces are washed after each rush, tuna scoop was overlooked and corrected on site. Onions found on floor: again this was the same basket containing the two unacceptable onions."

The report shows all violations were corrected on site.

Fortune Cookie Restaurant at 7006 University received six critical violations.

  • Rice was found inside a steamer at 136 degrees. Hot foods must be 140 degrees or hotter.
  • Personal drinks were found stored over food items.
  • Spoiled lemons were found with fresh lemons.
  • There was cross contamination potential due to improper storage of food products in cooling units. Raw meats were stored above vegetables and other ready to eat products.
  • There were no date marks or expiration dates found on potentially hazardous foods, specifically Chinese sausage, egg rolls and noodles.
  • A hand sink was not accessible due to a cart blocking it.

The Manager of the Fortune Cookie told NewsChannel 11 they corrected everything, the report shows all violations were corrected on site.

Finally the Deli Express inside the Shell Food Mart at 701 North Dowden in Wolfforth receives four critical violations.

  • The temperature of the Deli Express sandwich inside a reach in cooling unit was 57 degrees. Cold foods must be kept at 41 to 45 degrees or cooler.
  • The internal temperature of foods found inside a food warmer were 120 degrees. Hot foods must be kept at 140 degrees or warmer.
  • Ham and cheese sandwiches inside the reach in cooling unit had no expiration date.
  • Potentially hazardous ready to eat foods were not date marked.

The Manager at the Deli Express told NewsChannel 11 everything has been corrected and is going well. The report shows all violations were corrected on site.

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