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Aerosmith, Cheap Trick Prepare for Big Show

With almost 15,000 fans packing the arena you can bet security is tight to say the least. From employees to road crews, even for us, the media access to the arena has been under the watchful eyes of security all day.

Tight Security at Aerosmith Concert
Aerosmith is beginning the first leg of their 2004 North American tour here in Lubbock with a sell out crowd, so expect security to be tight.
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After almost a decade Aerosmith is back in Lubbock tonight performing for a sold out crowd. And with such a big name like Steven Tyler, security at the arena is tight. Whenever a big show like Aerosmith comes to town access is very limited. Even NewsChannel 11 had limited access.

On the day of the show, the arena normally shuts down, but from a birds eye view we got a rare chance to watch crews from Cheap Trick and Aerosmith carry equipment, hang lights, and set up chairs for fans.

"Well they snuck you in today with those credentials you have there normally we lock down the facility on show day," says Cindy Harper who works at the arena.

She even found it difficult doing her job today. "It's a supersecure area especially backstage but even up here on the concourse. I came up here this morning to check out how things were going and I got shooed off," says Harper.

Inside and out, security was tight not only for employees but anyone trying to get sneak peak. "We got to make sure no one comes in that's not suppose to," says Steven Diaz with security.

Not even members of Aerosmith's road crew get special privileges. They're access is also limited. "I've never met him (Steven Tyler) not in 3 years of working for him," says Will Ferguson with the Aerosmith road crew.

The sold out crowd is in for two spectacular shows Thursday night. We did some checking and all the original members of Aerosmith are performing together. Steven Tyler and his crew have been rockin' together for almost 30 years. A rare thing to see especially in a rock band that's been around for so long.

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