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Food For Thought 3.1

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - We have one Low Performer this week, but let's start at the top. We have a heaping helping of perfect scores in Food For Thought; we go inside the kitchen of a Top Performer to see how they keep clean.

"We have great employees, we've got years of experience, and you know Caprock's been open for about 14 years now" Caprock Cafe at 3405 34th Street's manager, Kim Cargill, says. "This is our 8th perfect score in a row so that's kind of exciting for us" Cargill says. The constant flow of customers helps them keep clean, "nothing stays stagnant for any amount of time and good rotation, we're on a schedule so we maintain our cleanliness along the way so when our health inspector comes, it's just business as usual". "It's a huge priority, when you're in business you want to make sure people can come to a safe place to eat. They're spending their money so we really want to make sure that's absolutely at the top level" Cargill says.

Also at the top is Wild Burger Grille at 3515 50th, Mama Josie's Kitchen at 5719 66th, and Orlando's at 6941 Indiana. To this week's only Low Performer, Stripes at 202 50th Street had 7 critical violations. Carne guisada was not cooled properly. Beans and potatoes were not at the safe hot temperature. Employees were not washing their hands when returning to work or before putting on gloves. Employee's drinks were in a cooler. Raw sausage was stored over tortillas and bacon, and raw eggs were stored on boxes of hot dogs. Cleaners were stored with food items. The nozzles on the cappuccino machine were dirty and dirty utensils were touching oven mitts. To see a complete list of this week's reports click here.

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