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Will you be ready when disaster strikes?


The National Weather Service says it's not a not a question of if a tornado will strike Lubbock, but when it will happen. The recent devastation in the Midwest has caused us to question if a disaster like that is possible here in Lubbock.

The short answer is yes ,and it wouldn't be the first time. On May 11th , 1970 a tornado devastated the Hub City, killing 26 people. The disaster helped develop technology to measure the strength of the tornados.

Andrew Pritchett is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. He says he can't predict when the next tornado will hit Lubbock, but that it's inevitable.

"Lubbock is in the Southwest corner of tornado alley, so Lubbock is no stranger to tornados… It absolutely will happen again, it's just a matter of time" Pritchett said.

He believes that being prepared for a disaster is key to survival. He says every home needs to have a weather radio to alert them when a storm in approaching. Having a plan is also essential.

"Warning is meaningless if a person doesn't know what to do… It's essential people know what to do before weather strikes as opposed to after the fact," Pritchett told us.

The Lubbock Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is hosting a preparedness fair this weekend to help the community become, well… prepared.

"People are realizing that they're not ready for emergencies... We want to help Lubbock become more prepared," Spencer McCombs said.

McCombs is spokesperson for the preparedness fair. It will take place from 10-3 at the church on 7014 Frankford Avenue. He believes people don't realize how easy it is to be prepared.

"People think they don't have the time or money, but each month you can save a little food and get yourself ready," McCombs said.

Ultimately, Pritchett says, that may be our only savior against fierce weather.

"We can't prevent a tornado, but we can decide how well we are prepared and that's our best line of defense in Lubbock," Pritchett said.

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