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Researchers Uses Sticky Method to Remove Warts

This is not cutting edge medicine, it's more of a handyman's cure-all, but it's cheap and some swear by it. It's called Duct Tape Therapy... to remove a wart.

Warts are caused by a contagious virus. The wart itself is harmless, but they are hard to get rid of because you can't even see the infection underneath. So, here's what's new from the handyman science at Home Depot, where 60 kids with warts tested a theory that duct tape could fix just about anything.

It sounds silly, but no kidding, researchers found an 85% cure rate when those kids covered a wart with the tape for a week to two months.

"As opposed to only 60% of those that came back repeatedly over two months to have the wart sprayed with liquid nitrogen. If I had a wart, I wouldn't run to primary care physician or dermatologist right away, I'd go to Home Depot," said Dr. William Norcross, family physician.

Liquid nitrogen, the other treatment in the study, is commonly used to fight warts, but it hurts a little, so kids would probably rather try the duct tape theory first. No harm done and it's cheap.

Dr. Norcross says if there is any question that the wart might be a skin cancer or a melanoma then of course, get a doctor to look at it before you go to Home Depot for self-care.

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