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Bollingers renew civil rights claims against Snyder


Darlene and Debra Bollinger have renewed their claims in a civil rights lawsuit against the City of Snyder.  The lawsuit was filed in November and the Bollingers filed an amended complaint on Thursday in Lubbock federal court. 

Darlene Bollinger claims that on Dec. 6, 2009 she called 911 when her husband Benny appeared to have suffered a heart attack.  Darlene's daughter, Debra Bollinger, was doing CPR and the two women claim that Snyder police officers came into the their home and made them stop all CPR efforts. 

The lawsuit says Benny died but he might have been saved if officers Matt Wynn, Brian Peterson, and Lea Tarter had not restrained them in violation of their constitutional rights. 

The City of Snyder responded to the original lawsuit back in mid-February.  At that time the City said "Defendants deny any CPR efforts were administered or attempted by Plaintiffs at any time after the arrival of Defendant Officers to the residence." 

The City also said, "Defendants deny that .. Officers restrained Plaintiffs or directed or prohibited Plaintiffs from performing CPR on Mr. Bollinger."

The City has not yet responded to the updated claims. 

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