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Garcia takes the stand in Day 5 of capital murder trial

Ruben Garcia at the Lubbock County Courthouse on Monday Ruben Garcia at the Lubbock County Courthouse on Monday

The prosecution rested at the start of day five of Ruben Garcia's capital murder trial. Garcia's attorney began their case by asking the jury to have an open mind while listening to the testimony.

Ruben Garcia was then called to the stand. His attorney painted a picture of a troubled man who has had issues with the law countless times, starting at an early age. He went through his numerous convictions and questioned Garcia about a long list of infractions he had committed while he was in jail for other crimes. Garcia was asked about multiple suicide attempts while in jail as well.

The defense then began to question Garcia's relationship with the victims. Garcia said Rudy Vela was like family to him and that he was his best friend. Garcia stated that he liked Jessica and her children and wished Jessica was his mother.

Garcia was than asked to rehash the events that led up to the stabbing. Garcia said that he was essentially acting in self defense the entire time. He stated that his eyes were closed during the stabbing and that he didn't know who he was swinging the knife at. He said that he didn't realize the victims were dead. However, the prosecution said that phone calls after the incident recorded at the jail stated otherwise. Rudy was heard saying that he saw Vela's last breath and that he knew he couldn't bring him back. Garcia did state to both the defense and the prosecution that he knew he was responsible for both the deaths that occurred that night.

The witness was passed to the prosecution who brought up the point that Garcia had mentioned looking for his bag of weed after the stabbings. They said that this case boils down to the fact that finding his weed was more important than the lives of his best friend and the woman he wished was his mother.

The defense rested before the lunch break. The charge will be presented to the jury after the trial resumes and both sides will begin their closing arguments.

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