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Americans are Having Body Lift Surgery After Gastric Bypass

A lot of Americans today are turning to surgery to drop down a few sizes -- and not just one surgery. First, stomach stapling surgery to lose the fat, but then, what do you do after the fat is gone and you're left with pounds of loose skin? Because you can't get rid of excess skin by diet or exercise, it's a problem that has inspired the another trendy surgery, the ultimate nip and tuck, basically a central body lift.

"Most patients when they lose a lot of weight, they lose in central body area, central body lift lets you take care of a lot of problems, ab fat, buttocks, thighs. You are lifting thighs, buttocks, the extra skin in back, rolls on side, and you are doing same in front, really transformation surgery," explains Dr. Rod Rohrich.

And that means an incision that wraps around the entire body. The surgery basically combines procedures like a tummy tuck, thigh, and buttocks lift into one operation.

"I came to get rolls smoothed out and trim my waist to fit the rest of my body," said Kathy Hedin, body lift patient.

Kathy Hedin dropped three dress sizes after her central body lift. While results can be dramatic, the central body lift is a major operation, that comes with risks and leaves a major scar. Many patients like Kathy need additional procedures to tackle extra skin around their arms and other body parts. And as with gastric surgery, the lift is not a cure for obesity but hopefully provides an incentive to keep focused on lifestyle changes so that what you lifted will be permanent.

Body lift surgery can cost several thousand dollars, and it's usually not covered by insurance. Body lift and contouring procedures are quickly climbing the list of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. For example, lower body lifts increased by 127% to nearly 11,000 procedures. Upper arm lifts increased 68%, buttock lifts increased 70%, and tummy tucks increased 42%. 2003 cosmetic surgery statistics are from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

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