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Dwight Fullingim enters race for Lubbock City Council District 4

Dwight Fullingim Dwight Fullingim

Dwight Fullingim describes himself as a Lubbock boy with cosmopolitan experience. On Monday he announced his candidacy for Lubbock City Council District 4. The seat is held currently by Paul R. Beane who will seek re-election. Also in the race is Jim Gerlt.  

Fullingim has been a public relations consultant for large corporations and he says he's worked "all over the world." 

Fullingim ran for Congress as a Democrat in 2008 and lost. When asked why he is running for City Council, Fullingim starts by saying, "That's a good question.  As a matter of fact that's the first question you have to address."

"It boils down to this. I have the time and inclination to do a little something for my home town," he said.

And that "something" is to put Lubbock in a better position to support Texas Tech's efforts toward becoming a Tier One university. He says for starters Lubbock's libraries need to be improved to help attract world class researchers. He also thinks the City should encourage the creation of a community college. 

Fullingim believes that a two-year college will provide qualified technicians who can then support the various research teams that come to Texas Tech. 

"I do think we need help annunciating a vision for Lubbock and a way forward," he said.

Fullingim says he has worked for some of the largest corporations in the world. He says he understands how they make decisions and he thinks that by using that experience he can help Lubbock become more attractive to outside companies or to the world class researchers that Texas Tech needs. 

"I'm worried that we've slipped into a lock-jaw, 1950's era way of doing things."

Fullingim also says the City and County need to function more like a metro system of government so that they are not countering each other's efforts or ignoring each other. 

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