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The Search for a Fresh Face in Political Reporting

With the presidential primaries underway, young voters are learning the importance of being involved in politics in a very different way. MTV and Cox Communications have teamed up to select a young Choose or Lose political correspondent. NewsChannel 11 went to the auditions.

The search is on for Lubbock's new face of political reporting, but it's not your average MTV audition, it's a contest to find a young person that has the qualities to spark a change.

"We're looking for young adults basically anywhere from the ages of 15-25 that are excited and really want to help to be a news correspondent and teach young adults about voting, that it is very important," said Kim Mankin from Cox Communications.

And to reach a generation to be involved in politics.

"I think that really is encouraging to know that these people are interested in participating in government in this way," said Carolie Mullan from the League of Women Voters.

But lack of voter representation at the polls isn't just a problem with our youth.

"It isn't just young people, because voter apathy is pretty wide spread," she adds.

Contestant Dana Jones says early education is the key.

"I think it's important to reach your younger voters. I think it's important for people to establish an early voting habit," she said.

And it's not just Lubbock participating, more than a dozen cities across the U.S. are also searching for their new voice.

"I think they want someone that does know what their talking about, that's done some research on the candidates," said contestant Dionne Passacantando.

"We just need to make sure that our young adults are aware that they can choose to vote and make their opinions heard," said Kim.

10 finalists will be selected from the contestants who auditioned on Saturday. MTV staff will choose one grand prize winner by early April. The winner will fly to New York City to train with the MTV news team for the Choose or Lose campaign.

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