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HealthWise at 5 From 3.15

  • Supersonic Cancer Killer

Parents have marveled at the view of a baby in the womb thanks to ultrasound images. Now that power can be harnessed to treat cancer. French researchers are investigating the use of ultrasound for prostate cancer patients. When the intensified ultrasound waves are focused on one spot, tissue temperatures rise, and ultimately kill tumor cells. According to the researchers, entire prostate tumors were destroyed using the ultrasound treatment. The incidence of incontinence following the ultrasonic prostate treatment was less than 10%, significantly less than the 80% from prostate surgery.

  • Brain Boost

Scientists have uncovered more evidence that a nutrient can give developing brains a big boost! A study shows mice that were given the nutrient choline in utero had larger and faster moving cells linked to the memory center of the brain compared to animals that didn't get the nutrient. Researchers at the University of North Carolina say the finding helps explain earlier studies that show choline improved learning in memory in animals whose mothers were fed choline supplemented diets. It's believed that extra brain boost could help protect against age related memory decline and diseases like Alzheimer's. Choline is found in a variety of foods like eggs, peanuts and broccoli.

  • Laser Lowdown

"A wrinkle in time" may be an accurate laser treatment disclaimer. A Stanford University study tracked patients who had wrinkles or acne scars lasered away. Three months after their skin smoothing treatment, all were happy with the results. However, 2.5 years later, the satisfaction rate dropped to just 21%. The researchers say areas of the face used for expression, like the eyes and mouth, are more likely to re-wrinkle sooner than you might expect.

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