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Nationwide Gasoline Prices are on the Rise

Gasoline prices nationwide have hit a record high. Here at home the average price of gas is $1.54 per gallon but the price we pay at the pump is expected to go up.

According to a recent Lundberg survey, prices have already crept up about 25 cents this year. But no matter the price, gasoline is a must have. And the people we talked to said high prices won't dictate their daily business, but it could effect vacationing.

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Gasoline prices are on the rise for a number of reasons.

"These prices are being driven by the high price of crude oil, our new environmental regulations and the whole logistics of supply," said Daniel Yergin, a Global Energy Analyst.

"I think it's meant to go up as people travel more, supply and demand. I don't know what's driving the gas prices but it seems like it's got to stop some where, but it's something you got to have," says Cheryl Pursell, a concerned consumer.

Prices are highest right now in California, due to the state's strict environmental regulations and sales tax on gas pumps. Still, pump prices have gone up and down over the last three months and the drivers we found don't like it.

"You know I don't know how they expect us, especially out here where we're farming and ranching and the prices are so low, and deal with all the crops and drought. I don't know how they think we can keep paying, but you have to keep rolling, working so something's got to cut some where," said Dorothy Miller of Lamesa.

Dorothy says the Lubbock prices are cheaper, and admits that she'll drive across town to find the cheapest gas and diesel. "I've found Boltons to be the cheapest for us."

The drivers we talked to did say, they'd weigh the price at the pumps carefully before taking off on any summer road trips.

Now we do have some tips to make your ride more fuel efficiency, the main things to remember are that regular tune-ups and proper tire pressure is key.

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