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Terror suspect seeks to limit test explosion evidence

Last week KCBD NewsChannel 11 told you that prosecutors are trying to limit the defense for terror suspect Khalid Aldawsari. Now it's the defense team's turn to try the same thing against the prosecution. Aldawsari is accused of collecting material for bomb in his Central Lubbock apartment last year.

Court records say he had proposed targets nationwide. On Thursday, the defense filed a court document called a motion in limine. In that motion the Defense asks that prosecutors be forbidden from mentioning terrorist groups, and certain Internet videos that were found on Aldawsari's computer. The defense is also trying to stifle evidence from two test explosions done by the FBI as part of its investigation of Alsawsari.

 In October, the FBI videotaped two bombs being exploded in passenger cars at Quantico Virginia. The case is already full of intrigue and secrecy. It includes top-secret documents and a federal judge here in Lubbock recently ruled that Aldawsari could be treated just like a foreign spy. Aldawsari is a citizen of Saudi Arabia. He was in Lubbock as a college student at the time of his arrest.


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