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North Lubbock fire threatens mobile home park

Residents in a north Lubbock mobile home park say they're lucky after a grass fire got dangerously close to their homes Sunday evening.

Right before 5p.m. Lubbock fire investigators say a fire was started in the cab of an old semi truck in a field off of Purdue and Elm Street, just south of the Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport.

With high winds and dry, tall grass the fire spread quickly. The only thing keeping it from the mobile home park was a concrete and wooden fence.

"I could see the fire coming through the fence… through that hole right there," said Elsie Mendoza standing on her porch and pointing to a charred hole in the fence just yards away. "I said Lord please keep us in your hands. Don't let it come to our property because you realize you have it today – but tomorrow you might not have it."

Elsie says when she got home she saw flames coming from the semi truck. Her husband was running around trying to warn her neighbors as the flames grew closer to the mobile homes. "All of a sudden I saw my husband knocking on the trailers, yelling and getting everyone out, getting their cars out of the way. I asked what was going on, and he just yelled to get out, get the kids out, get the dogs," said Elsie.

In just a matter of seconds the wind carried the fire, and flames started to shoot up under the fence. "My husband saw the smoke and he ran back to the fence, opened the hose and started to soak everything so it wouldn't spread," she said pointing to charred spots on the bottom of her fence.

Several yards of grass are now blackened, old wooden pallets are nothing but ashes and parts of the fence are now gone – but Elsie counts her blessings and says they're lucky it didn't get any worse."I just thank the Lord, and I thank the fire fighters. They responded in seconds and they did a good job responding to the fire," she said.

Fire investigators say a person caused the fire, but they're unsure if it was accidental or intentional.

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