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Tech football players deny credit card abuse allegations

Kenny Williams, 19 (Provided by Lubbock County Sheriff) Kenny Williams, 19 (Provided by Lubbock County Sheriff)
Jace Amaro, 19 (Provided by Lubbock County Sheriff) Jace Amaro, 19 (Provided by Lubbock County Sheriff)

Attorneys for Texas Tech football players Jace Amaro and Kenny Williams both released statements on Tuesday denying the credit/debit card abuse allegations and expressing regret for the negative media attention this event has brought on the university.


Jace Amaro regrets the attention and criticism his actions have caused, according to his lawyer, Chuck Lanehart of Lubbock. The Texas Tech student athlete was arrested last weekend on alleged criminal violations in Lubbock. He is accused of two counts of the state jail felony offense of Credit/Debit Card Abuse and a single count of the Class A misdemeanor offense of Possession/Use of an Altered Driver's License. A magistrate released him on his personal recognizance Saturday pending further investigation by law enforcement.

"Jace denies committing the offenses for which he was arrested, and he looks forward to a thorough investigation that will clear him of these accusations," Lanehart wrote in a prepared statement issued Tuesday. "He cooperated fully with the management of the bar in question, and he answered all of their questions. He cooperated with the police and responded to all of their questions.

"It should be noted that only a brief preliminary police investigation took place over a period of minutes the morning of March 9, and an LPD detective was not assigned to the case until Monday, March 12. No prosecutor has studied the facts of the case, and no grand jury has looked into the case.

"Jace is saddened by the unfavorable publicity this incident has brought on Texas Tech University, the Texas Tech football program, his teammates and coaches, his classmates and his family," Lanehart said. "He hopes the media and the public will reserve judgment on his actions until the truth is presented about what really happened last weekend."


On March 9, 2012, Kenny was arrested by the Lubbock Police Department for the state jail felony offense of Credit/Debit Card Abuse. He was released by a Magistrate on his personal recognizance pending investigation by law enforcement and filing by the Criminal District Attorney's Office.

Kenny denies the allegations for which he was arrested and is confident that a full investigation will clear him of this charge. He has cooperated with all involved by answering the questions posed by the bar management and the Lubbock Police Department. At this time no prosecutor has reviewed the case and no grand jury has been presented any evidence concerning this charge.

Kenny regrets the negative publicity this event has brought upon the University, the football program and all those who know him. He is confident the public will be shown that he is not guilty of this accusation and hopes they will give him the presumption of innocence our Constitution provides.

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