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EPA declares cleanup site safe for use


One year later, everything from deadly sour gas to arsenic found at the former Scrub-A-Dub Barrel Co. has been removed. The Environmental Protect Agency finished destroying the dangerous materials about two weeks ago.

The EPA on site coordinator, Greg Fife, says the clean-up at 1108 North Ash cost taxpayers nearly $2 million. So their next step is to figure out who is accountable.

The state of Texas tried to bring Scrub-A-Dub into compliance many years ago. When that didn't happen, the EPA got a court order to clean up the property when the business shut down a year ago.

Officials at the EPA shredded 46,000 drums. 4,500 of those contained dangerous chemicals. Those were shipped off to a designated dumping site for hazardous materials. The EPA says these drums were a danger to ground and surface water.

"One of the biggest dangers was spontaneous combustion," Fife said.

The EPA used 4,000 tons of caliche to make sure the chemicals on the property don't soak into the ground.

Fife says the property is now safe for commercial use.

Scrub-A-Dub Barrel Co. still owns the property.

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