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Dr. Miller explains the importance of donating your brain

Have you ever thought about donating your brain to science?  If you're healthy, you might think why they would want it since there's no tumor or disease to study.   Scientists need both healthy and diseased brains to find cures for many diseases, including Alzheimer's.

Since there is a brain bank here in Lubbock, it is quick and easy procedure after death if you make the arrangements.  Dr. Bradley Miller, a Neuropathologist, said on our news at five today that brain tissue donation is not even noticeable to the family, but it is a remarkable gift to the world.  

"Alzheimer's is a disease of human beings, and the only way it can be solved is studying the human being.  The gift these people make is invaluable.  There is no substitute.  The disease will never be solved unless people, like our donors make this gift. It doesn't change anything after the brain removal- any sort of burial, any sort of showing, any sort of thing can happen as it normally would."

If you would like to learn more about donating brain tissue to the Texas Tech Brain Bank, call this number, 743-2385.

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