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Latest information concerning hip replacements

Hip replacement surgeries have helped thousands resume an active lifestyle. The latest and largest research to date on hip replacements confirms there is a high failure rate in those when both the ball and socket of the device are made of metal.  This is compared to other types, like ceramic and polyethylene, especially in women.

It seems the patient's energy level is more likely to outlast the artificial hip when it's mental-on-metal. This comes after a new analysis of more than 400,000 hip replacements as reported in the Lancet.

Dr. David Mauerhan said, "There is no advantage whatsoever of using a metal on metal hip in today's environment."  "That can lead to loosening of the implant, destruction of soft tissues around the hip replacement and pain and decreasing function on the part of the patient."

Still, an estimated 500,000 people in the United States are wearing an all metal artificial hip right now. The report in the Lancet suggests if you're wearing a metal on metal hip replacement, just be sure to get it checked by your doctor every year.

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