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Fire destroys trailer, damages two other homes


A Slaton family is picking up the pieces after a Tuesday night fire completely destroyed their trailer and damaged houses on either side.

Jaron Samuels lived in the trailer that his mother Sharon Lusk owned. They moved the trailer to the property in November.

Samuels says he was cooking chicken on the stove when it started to smoke, causing a grease fire to break out. Samuels says it all happened so quickly that he panicked and threw water on the stove.

"I was just cooking chicken and the stove started smoking so I told my friend to go get some water. My little cousin and friend ran outside because it got real smokey," Samuels said.

The water caused an explosion and Samuel told his friends to run. Samuels kicked out the back door and got out just in time. He said the windows blew out and the trailer started to collapse the second he hit the ground.

"When I could see, I was looking all around and it was gone, 15 seconds and it was gone," Samuels said.

Samuels mother, Sharon Lusk, said when she got the call her son told her the trailer exploded. She said it's a call that no mother wants to receive.

"I got halfway down here and I all I could see was the thick dark black smoke, and I didn't know if my son was going to be ok," Lusk said.

The two houses on either side suffered severe damage as well. One was abandoned and the other belonged to Samuels grandmother. Samuels lost everything he owned in the fire, but his mother says they're just thankful he's alive.

"Life is really short, and ya, houses burn down and you loose things, but life is the most important gift and my son is ok. So I'll pick up the pieces," Lusk said.

If you'd like to help, you can donate at Citizens Bank in Slaton. Just mention Jaron Samuels and family.

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