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Protesters gather outside Planned Parenthood


A group of peaceful protesters spent the day camped out in front of Lubbock's Planned Parenthood clinic. The group is a part of a nationwide movement called 40 Days for Life.

The movement is calling for people to take time to pray and fast during the season of Lent to bring an end to abortion. People often gather outside the clinic to protest, but Thursday's group was around 50 strong.

Taylor Webb was one of the protestors who came out. He is a teen dad and told us they were glad they chose life when faced with the decision.

"I have a 17, almost 18 month old and a lot of people tried to get us to have an abortion. I've always been against it. When he was born, seeing his little face, hearing his cries were beautiful. I just felt God called me to come out and help = to be a guidance to them. To show them that anyone could do it," Webb said.

The Nurturing Center is a facility next to the Planned Parenthood clinic that says they offer an alternative to abortions. They provide sonograms and other services to mothers faced with the decision.

Lawrence D'Souza is the founder of the Nurturing Center. He spent the day outside with the protesters. He believes that the American economy has been negatively effected ever since the Roe vs. Wade decision.

"Since the Roe vs. Wade Decision in 1973, we have aborted 53 million babies. Can you imagine how many cotton blue jeans we could have sold and the impact on the economy that's failing? How many automobiles or hamburgers we could have sold? That's an issue," D'Souza said.

The protesters were camped out in front of the clinic from seven in the morning to seven at night. The protesters said their goal is to inform women that there are other options. They spent the day praying and holding signs and singing.

People of all ages came out to support the cause. Many were teens, sacrificing their spring break time.

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