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Lubbock county collects $98K in outstanding warrants


A total of 257 outstanding warrants in Lubbock County have been cleared since February.

That's the latest according to the Judicial Compliance Department.

Chris Curbo, with the Lubbock County Courthouse said 11-percent of outstanding warrants were cleared between February 5th and March 6th.

He said they were expecting closer to 20-percent, but said the delay probably had to do with delays in tax returns.

"This year the IRS rolled out a new tax-return payment system. Delays have been anywhere from 14 to 22 days from when they were expected. So we're still getting payments in, it's just not within the 'warrant time frame,'" Curbo said.

Of those warrants cleared, 61 were misdemeanors and 196 were felonies. A total of $98,647 dollars were collected.

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