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Local Doctor to Deliver 3,000th Baby

Doctor Jane Scott grew up in West Texas and has been delivering babies for 22 years. She delivers anywhere from 15 to 25 babies a month. She had just delivered number 2,968 before talking to NewsChannel 11, and her next delivery was waiting when we left. Now, the race is on for number 3,000. Doctor Scott perhaps put it best when she said, "I've delivered a small town."

Local Doctor Reaches Medical Milestone
We first told you UMC's Dr. Jane Scott was on the verge of a medical milestone just over a month ago. Now, one family's brand new bundle of joy will always hold a special place as her 3,000 delivery.

2,968 babies delivered and counting, Doctor Scott is about to become part of an elite group of doctors who can say they've delivered 3,000 babies. She says, "It's a wonderful feeling. It's very uplifting. It makes you really feel and see the meaning of life. Each birth is a miracle to me still."

Doctor Scott has delivered multiple generations, cousins, sisters, and in the case of Miranda Simmons, brothers. Doctor Scott delivered Miranda's first two boys Ryan and Ethan and a third son is on the way. Due April 30th, Miranda finds herself coveting the title of 'mom' to Doctor Scott's 3,000th baby. She says, "We thought I might go into pre-term labor because my second one was kind of early, but now I'm like we gotta go to the due date because I've gotta make 3,000th." Doctor Scott says, "I delivered her other babies and so it's really neat. I hope she gets to be the one."

Miranda has been coming to Doctor Scott for years and she'll be the first to tell you, Doctor Scott always goes above and beyond. Miranda says, "She's amazing. I have never known any other doctor like her. In the middle of the night there have been so many times I've had to call her because the boys are running a fever or I'm having something going on with the pregnancy and she's constantly right there no matter what." Doctor Scott says, "It's just fun to watch them grow up and think you're part of their lives and helping them along. It's just a wonderful experience."

Doctor Scott says she hopes to deliver many more babies. She'll continue doing what she's doing as long as she enjoys it and as long as she's able.

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