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New Implant Provides Relief For Noisy Sleepers

If snoring is keeping you up at night, some patients are trying a new 5 minute fix called the Pillar Polyester Implant Procedure.

"Snoring comes from vibration of the tissues in the roof of the mouth. This is an actual implant that is placed over a model. Basically it extends the roof of the mouth back and further down so it doesn't move as much," explains Dr. Mansoor Madani, oral surgeon.

"Automatically when he fell asleep he was quiet, and I was in shock," said Stacey Ro, whose husband, Steve, underwent the procedure.

Here's how it works. Steve's throat is numbed. Then doctor Madani injects the implants, three of them, one at a time, under the skin at the back of his throat. The actual procedure takes about five minutes and Steve was even able to eat lunch just minutes after getting his implants.

It all sounds good, but some doctors say they're not quite convinced yet that it will work long term. But Dr. Madani says that while the procedure is new, the polyester material has a proven track record because it is already being used in heart and stomach surgeries.

For more information on the pillar implant procedure: (click here)

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