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Birth Control Without A Prescription

It's happening already in Seattle where women can get their birth control now from a pharmacist without a prescription. It's all part of a study underway at the University of Washington to see how well that would work.

As part of that study, women in Seattle can pay the pharmacist $50 and the pharmacist will then do the proper screening. That means if you're not overweight, don't smoke and have normal blood pressure you can get a birth control prescription without going to your doctor first. Many doctors are supporting the idea because the patient is not without some counsel at the pharmacy.

"I think it's wonderful cause access is to care for contraception is essential if we're going to decrease the frequency of unplanned pregnancies," said Dr. Robin Cole, gynecologist.

"The pharmacist in the process does in fact counsel the patient repeatedly on repeated visits that they need to get pelvic and breast exams, they need to get paps on a regular basis," said Dr. Rod Shafer from the Washington Pharmacist Association.

Some critics argue that women who get birth control without a prescription could miss out on the monitoring at a doctor's office to make sure the birth control is safe for that person.

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