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Mobil Unit Helps Train Physicians At Covenant

According to the American Heart Association, more than 7,000 Americans undergo coronary angioplasty procedures every day. And since new devices are always being introduced in medicine today, Boston Scientific Corporation has developed a simulated mobile training system...a sort of medical school on help train doctors on new procedures in a risk free environment.

That 40-foot classroom rolled over to Covenant hospital today for a lesson on how to use the filter-wire E-X protection system. A fancy name for simply reducing complications after cleaning out clogged arteries.

"It's a newer technology which actually helps the patient long term, as a survival rate because the debris is captured and removed rather than clogging the distal vessels and creating more complications down the road," explains Eric Bialo.

The Covenant physicians were trained for this today on a simulated patient using real patient images but soon, this mobile training unit will roll on to its next stop in this nationwide tour of hospitals.

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