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The Mr. Clean AutoDry Carwash: Does It Work?

Washing your vehicle using Lubbock water can leave a spotty mess. Dark ones are the worst, any flaw will show. The Mr.Clean Autodry Carwash claims it can end the blemishing chore with its spot free cleaning kit. It costs $20, but Does It Work?

Karen Marsalis works at KCBD and her car was dirty. "So this is dirt from December?" NC 11 asked. "Yes. Pre Christmas dirt," answered Karen.

The Mr.Clean kit come with a gadget that connects to your garden hose, a water filter, and auto soap. It was easy to put it all together. Karen watered down her car first. "The gadget is very light," noticed Karen.

She then turned the dial to "soap" and scrubbed off the dirt. We washed the car in sections. Karen and I took turns. "This Mr. Clean better work!"

The next step was to use the de-ionized water. The makers claim this will leave a spot-free finish. After covering the entire car with this light mist, "The hood already looks spot free and dry."

Here's a better look at it. "Looks pretty spot free!," said Karen.

The bald man stands correct in his claims. The Mr. Clean Autodry Carwash gets the spic-and-span approval, it works!

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