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High winds damage roofs, tear down walls in Memphis, TX


The same storm that struck Lubbock traveled northeast to visit the town of Memphis in the Texas Panhandle. Memphis had multiple damage reports, according to the National Weather Service.

"It sounded like somebody was trying to bust through my windows," said Memphis resident, Jason Row.

Residents in the town of 2,290 described the aftermath of winds howling, losing power and rain flooding areas around 2 a.m. Monday.

"We had about 75 mile per hour straight winds. It shook a lot of houses and blew a lot of tree limbs down over the area," said resident Kevin Huddleston.

The Hall County Sheriff's Department said they had four deputies and the police department had four officers patrolling the area overnight to ensure fast response times.

Officials say the most damage was on the southeast part of town. Doctor Carole Ward says a tin roof blew off a nearby building, collapsing a brick wall at her clinic.

"We were actually pretty relieved to see it was just this small wall, instead of the whole back wall - which is what I was anticipating," Ward said.

Since the wall was purely decorative, she says she is in no rush to fix it. In the next few days she plans to have an insurance adjuster assess the damage.

"We have had quite a traffic flow of people looking through the clinic," she said.

As for other parts of town, residents could not help but to notice the High School Football field, where strong winds ripped off parts of their press box.

"The speaker box has been pretty much knocked out," Row said.

Fortunately, there were no reports of injuries. Residents say they are just happy the violent weather basically disrupted their sleep rather than destroy their hometown.

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