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Shallowater, aka Basketball Heaven

"I'll tell you what, I'm excited about that!," smiled Clifford Conner. "It was something we've waited for for a long time," said Peggy Cowarts. "Oh man, it's been crazy," said Chuck Darden.

At the Fast Stop, Erin the clerk has been overwhelmed. "Yeah, people won't shut up about it," she laughed. Word has spread across the state. "So you live in San Antonio and you've heard about it?," NewsChannel 11 asked one man. "Yeah," he said.

The news even made its way to Washington D.C. "Shallowater is the home of champions," said Rep. Randy Neugebauer.

"To win two state titles is just awesome," said point guard Annie Cox. She was so excited about making history that she forgot how she did it. "35 and 2? 36, 36 and 2!," she laughed.

Wednesday afternoon it was quiet inside the home court of the Mustangs and Fillies, an unusual occurrence. But even if fans had been there, they'd be too exhausted to cheer from all the screaming they've already done; the accomplishment of their teams so remarkable. Dual state basketball championships. An astronomical feat. Performed just 11 times over the past 50 years.

"This is an unprecedented victory for the school which can only be attributed to hard work and dedication," said Rep. Randy Neugebauer.

"It's really unique to do that," said girls coach Chuck Darden. He manages his team with a philosophy that would make Yogi Berra proud. "I think anything you do in life applies to life because it is life, if that makes sense," he said. It must. They won.

Outstanding fan Peggy Cowart, who's been attending games since 1968, extolled the virtue of persistence. "Took us five trips each to get there, but we made it," she said.

And even though it's spring break, the middle school gym is open. Little dribblers hoping to one day be the topic of Washington big wigs and gas pump small talk. "Listen, this is my town and my school, and I love every one of them," said Clifford Conner.

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