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ABC Rodeo Raises Funds for Kids

Tatum Cagle was signing autographs today. "Can you make it out to me," asked a NewsChannel 11 reporter. "My name is Burt, b-u-r-t." The ABC Rodeo Princess was kicking off the premier Boys & Girls Club fundraising event.

"Its a big deal for us," said Executive Director Tom Vermillion, welcoming a group of cowboys long on history and help. "I don't know if you know this, but actually they've given over a million dollars over the past 60 some odd years," he said.

"We helped build the very first Boys & Girls club," said ABC ProRodeo Director Tom Baker. In fact, said Baker, the whole reason rodeos first came to Lubbock was to help out. "That's why they started to have a rodeo in Lubbock, Texas was to make money for the Boys & Girls club."

And for 62 years they've continued that tradition. Which is great for young Rexon Mosely. "How long have you been coming here?," he was asked. "Since I was a little kid," he responded. "And your big now?," he was asked. "Yeah," he answered.

Two weeks from now the horses being ridden won't be nearly as cooperative. But watch out boys, because a buckin' bronc is the least of your worries. "Is there a prince?," NewsChannel 11 asked Tatum. "No, and I don't even want one," she smirked.

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