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Food for Thought 3/22/12

Our first top performer has a lot to be excited about this week. Cuevas Drive-in at 2013 North Ash not only grilled up a perfect score - they're also celebrating their one year anniversary.

Next, if you're looking to sink your teeth into some lip smackin' BBQ - head to Tom & Bingo BBQ at 3006 34th. This multiple repeat top performer did it again.

It's a repeat performance for our next stop as well. Saigon Café Too at 4515 50th brings the best of Vietnamese to the Hub City.

Just follow the light to find our next plate of perfection. The Lantern Tavern at 3502 Slide also shines as a repeat top performer.

And our next quick stops will have you seeing double. Stripes at 1601 19th and 5801 19th serve up perfection when you're on the go.

And finally we wrap up the top of the list with some sweet success:

Rise N Shine Donuts at 6302 Frankford

Jack & Jill Donuts at 3301 98th

and DomestiCakes at 5917 66th.


Now to this week's low performers.


We begin at On the Border Mexican Grill at 6709 Slide. Health inspectors cited them for 6 critical violations.

* Rice and tamales were thrown out because they above 41 degrees.

* Employees' drinks were near food contact surfaces. A bowl was in a hand sink.

* There were no paper towels at two hand sinks.

* Raw salmon was stored below raw chicken, and raw onions were below raw beef.

* Toxic items were not labeled or stored properly.

* A cooler did not have a thermometer.

Management tells us a mechanic was at the restaurant while the inspector was there all violations have been corrected. The report shows that as well.


Next we head to La Michoacano Meat Market & Taqueria at 2131 Clovis.

They also had 6 critical violations.

* Ribs that were above the safe cold temperature were thrown out.

* Several hot food items were not at least 135 degrees.

* Uncovered drinks were not stored in the designated place.

* The way food was stored in the walk-in cooler posed the risk cross contamination.

* Food had the wrong expiration date.

* The hot water was turned off at a hand sink.

Management was not available for comment, but the report shows all violations were corrected while the inspector was there.


Our last stop is Wiley's BBQ at 1805 Parkway Drive; they had 8 critical violations.

* Multiple cold foods were not 41 degrees or below.

* Several hot foods were below 135 degrees.

* Cigarette ashes and cigarette butts were found on the floor near the drive-thru.

* Mold was found on a block of cheese and in a coleslaw mix.

* Food was not stored properly in a reach-in cooler.

* A toxic item was not labeled and a non-commercial pesticide was on a food cart.

* There were no thermometers in the reach-in coolers.

* and multiple kitchen utensils were broken or dirty.

Management did not return our phone call, but the report shows all violations were corrected at the time of the inspection.

 For a full list of this week's reports click here.


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