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Stabbing At Credit Union

The day before Spring, picture perfect, until..."A stabbing just occurred," said LPD Lt. Victor Quintana.

A call for help at the Alliance Federal Credit Union. Two black females, jealousy between them. "You said that it was a fight over a friend, was it a boyfriend?," asked NewsChannel 11. "Yes, a boyfriend or a friend," replied Quintana.

Two women with a history of altercations, escalating to violence on Friday. The suspect, getting out of her black Camaro, approached a blue mini-van, taking out a pearing knife and allegedly stabbing Tiffany Johnson between 6 and 7 times. According to authorities, Johnson is eight months pregnant.

Her attacker then flees into the bank. Johnson is injured but enraged, getting out of the mini-van and entering the credit union, leaving an ambling trail of blood. "At which time the fighting continued inside the bank," said Quintana.

Meanwhile, at roughly the same time, completely unrelated, seven miles away, at the North Loop and Quaker, a man on a bridge. Traffic snarled as EMS stood by while police approached with caution.

Back at the credit union the lobby floor was covered with blood. The bank closed early. The suspect was taken away for questioning. Possible charges? "Aggravated assault," said Lt. Quintana.

At the bridge, a happier ending, the man is subdued, taken away by ambulance. The victim at the credit union? "She was stabbed on the left side of the body, the arm, the leg, mid-torso," said Lt. Quintana. Transported to UMC, her condition is listed as critical but not life threatening.

"I'm shocked, this is a good bank," said customer Sandra Luke. She arrived an hour after the chaos, and reflected on the event. "It's bad, when you can't go into a bank, robberies I understand, but fighting, that's bad," she said.

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