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District 4 candidate explains paperwork error

Dwight Fullingim (KCBD File Photo) Dwight Fullingim (KCBD File Photo)

District 4 City Council candidate Dwight Fullingim says he made a mistake on his paperwork when he filed for office. Since he filed on the day of the deadline, per state law, he had no chance to correct it.

Fullingim moved last November from a District 5 residence to a District 4 address. However, on his election paperwork, he noted that he lived at his new District 4 address for 5 years 11 months.

It raised some questions, so KCBD News Channel 11 decided ask Mr. Fullingim why he would claim to live at his new address longer than he really had.

"That was just a little clerical mistake, that's all that was," Fullingim said.

If elected, Fullingim would be required to fill out an immense amount of paperwork in City Council.

"You're going to have a flurry of paperwork, there's no question about that," Fullingim admitted. However, he says the mistake he made was not important. "Well, I guess that will be up to the voters to decide."

Incumbent Paul Beane says he will fight to keep his seat, but does acknowledge that Fullingim could have easily overlooked the simple error.

"If Mr. Fullingim did make a mistake, I don't think he did it on purpose," Beane said. "I understand he filed late in the afternoon on the deadline."

City Secretary Rebecca Garza says according to city guidelines, Mr. Fullingim's length of residency would not have been a deciding factor for his candidacy.

"A candidate for the city of Lubbock would just have to be a resident of that applicable district or of its city limits in that large position at the time of filing," Garza said.

Texas law states that a candidate's paperwork cannot be altered after the filing deadline. Fullingim filed on the day of the deadline.

Fullingim ran against Rep. Randy Negebauer for Congress in 2008.

He is now up against incumbent Paul Beane, along with competitor Jim Gerlt, for the City Council District 4 seat.

The city and local school board election is set for May 12th.

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