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Consider This...Lubbock's water crisis is a unique one

This Sunday, April 1st, every Lubbock citizen will be put on stage-two watering restrictions. That means severe limitations on lawn watering and a complete ban on things like driveway car washes.

You'll be told which one day of the week you can water your lawn. And the code police have made it clear:  no more warnings. Fines will be issued to violators.  

And this water crisis is unique to Lubbock. Just look at your water bill. The entire state is suffering from drought, yet Lubbock has about the highest water rates in Texas.

And Amarillo, Midland, and Abilene have less watering restrictions than Lubbock.

Lubbock's water crisis is a result of decades of bad decisions by politicians and bureaucrats using scare tactics like we are going to run out of water. Current drought conditions just drew back the curtain.

Now we're being forced to drastically conserve. And guess what? The more we conserve, the less money City Hall makes and the higher our rate goes to make up the difference.  

Consider this:

If I'm going to be forced to use less and less and pay more and more, then I want something in return for that: Better management going forward. The water department should be separated from City Hall and run by a volunteer board of citizens.

It worked for LP&L, so there is a perfect model for it. And hopefully good decisions like that will reap benefits - not penalties -  for our children and grandchildren.

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