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Good news if you love chocolate

You're going to like this study if you love chocolate.  A study at the University of California San Diego, found after studying a thousand people, that a daily indulgence of chocolate is linked to a smaller waistline.  If you prefer milk chocolate, you'll be glad to hear this study didn't even differentiate between dark and light.

For years, we've heard the calories, sugar, and fat in chocolate outweigh the benefits, but not this time.  Dr. Beatrice Golomb said, "In fact people who ate chocolate more frequently ate more calories, and it was not explained by greater activity."  "It's associated with lower blood pressure, greater insulin sensitivity, and favorable lipid profiles. These are often factors that track with weight."

Notice she said "frequent" chocolate; not a lot of chocolate. Researchers did find the link between chocolate consumption and a smaller body mass index was stronger in people who didn't over-indulge in one sitting.  In other words, the real benefit came to those who ate something chocolate every day, but not a lot. By the way, in case you're wondering, this study was not funded by Hersheys, or any link to the chocolate industry.

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